We are called to a place where our gladness and the worlds deep hunger meets.
— Fredrick Buckner

I am Jill, the voice behind LiveClean Kitchen & Wellness I'm a yoga teacher, designer, at-home cook and total foodie. I came to a plant based lifestyle in 2015, and that is when everything started to come together...

Like most of us, I have always had deep desire to create, share and connect with others but have struggled to find the thing that persisted, the thing that was both truly of value to others and deeply satisfying to me. The answer came to me in an ordinary moment while on the drive to my desk job.

As I drove down a block full of shops and restaurants I asked to be guided for the millionth time (millennial much?), "How can I serve you", I asked out loud... usually this was met with me tumbling down a rabbit hole of wishes and dreams but for some reason, this time, I finally got an answer - nothing was more purposeful, more connected, more real than to share my passion for good food and good health.

Now this just didn't mean the food we chew and swallow but really I wanted to speak to all of the things we consume - emotions, actions, instinct - but what went into our mouths seems like a simple place to start because the way we treat our stomachs really speaks to the way we treat our soul. I suppose being in the food business had always been an idea I considered (not to brag but I have always been quite the little cook) but one that I never saw the need to force yet now it was clear. Through creating and sharing my food I could be expressive and creative but also give value and connect to others. The act of eating mindfully - like any practice - is powerful, its alchemy, its life shifting. Food has a power than not many other things do.

When I found veganism in 2015 I learned just how miraculous food really could be (literally, it felt like a miracle). Even after this short time of eating plant-based the affects have slowly begun to reshape my entire life. I feel so much more free, so much more like myself, I eat without restriction and my passion for food has grown ten fold. By becoming mindful about what I put in my body I have healed years of chronic illnesses and have begun to know myself better than I ever knew I could. I want to help others see that what you put into your body affects what you put out in the world.

I hope to use this platform as a way to share my food, my wellness advice, honest inspiration and some ramblings about yoga. Head over to the blog to see more.