Hi, I'm Jill. Thank you so much for stopping by! I live in Northern California by way of New England. I love rainy days, organized spaces and spontaneously purging my closet. I am a design school grad, a Kripalu-trained yoga teacher and a total foodie. I have held a variety of jobs (bridal stylist, yoga teacher, graphic designer) but now work as a cook at an inn nestled beside the sea. I have no greater joy that feeding people and I have loved getting my hands dirty in the kitchen since I can remember.

Before finding the plant-based approach in 2015, I suffered from constant stomach pain and countless infections, the worst of which peeking in my teens and early twenties. It has taken nearly a decade of education, set backs and relentless self advocacy before I came to understand that among other things, FOOD HEALS. It was/is a lot of trial and error but as I began eating a whole foods plant based diet and feeling better in my body, I found that other parts of my life that left something to be desired began to heal as well (relationships, body image, life direction). At this time I also awoke to the impact our consumption of animal products has on the environment; I became enlivened when I learned that my lifestyle could not only help my health but also aid to end cruelty toward animals and cut down on our impactof the environment. Unlike a lot of wellness bloggers out there I am a lifetime learner who isn't afraid to be wrong - I don't have (or want) all of  the answers BUT I have found a pathway to healing that I cannot stay quiet about. I founded LiveClean Kitchen in early 2016 as a way of serving those of you who are also committed to wellness, honesty, balance and delicious food. I am obsessed with the powerful, healing nature of plants and  re-learning my way around the kitchen, my own body and honestly, life in general. 

I create recipes that are accessible, balanced, beautiful and use whole, plant ingredients. 


Let the beauty we love be what we do.
— Rumi

LiveClean Kitchen creates recipes to nourish body, mind and soul! The core value of LiveClean Kitchen is to offer a simple, balanced, holistic approach to food, wellness and movement. It is platform devoted to exploring ways to better nourish yourself and the planet in a practical and (deliciously) mindful package.

If you're looking to get inspired to cook healthful, tasty plant based recipes that help you to thrive in your daily life, stick around!

It is my mission to show you that eating well is not a punishment for bad behavior but rather a reward for loving yourself completely. By consuming plant based foods, you can eat in abundance without guilt or consequence and you will feel your best self - check out my recipes for inspiration. 

Healing with food

Wondering how a plant based diet can help you? There is no single life choice you can make has a greater impact on your health, the health of the planet and the advancement of every other living being than eating a plant-based diet. It's the easiest, best and most directly beneficial way to make a positive impact. While I don't believe there is a one size fits all 'diet' for everybody, I do believe that eating more fresh, vibrant fruits and veggies makes you feel more yourself, more alive and more ready to show up for the people and things you love!

For more, head to my resource page as well as my essentials guide which is full of vital information!


Why do you call your recipes plant based? Are you vegan? What's the difference?

While I am not steadfast in the belief that one "diet" fits all I do believe that the more WHOLE PLANT FOODS we consume, in general, the better we feel. Offering "plant based" content means I do not include eggs, milk, honey, cheese or animal flesh in any of my recipes, ever. I do not intend to say that this is the way you should eat but instead I offer this information in a friendly, approachable, and hopefully somewhat humorous nature. Personally, I identify as an ethical vegan which means I prescribe to the belief system that no animal should have to suffer unnecessarily on my behalf - as part of that belief system I refrain from eating any and all animal products. I do NOT think everyone has to think, say and do as I do - its a choice. I share my opinions and views with love in my heart for you (the reader), for myself and of course for the animals...and I hope it always come across that way. PLEASE reach out if you have any questions about veganism, its ethos, its ethics and the 'diet' that goes along with it - I am more than happy to chat!

Why are you vegan?

Well...watch this video...

The problems we have today cannot be solved with the same thinking used to create them.
The Earth is the one thing we all have in common
— Wendell Berry

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