LiveClean Kitchen's Guiding Life Principals:

1.  Seek balance, not perfection in all acts.

2. See what you consume (food, activities, experiences, etc.) as a GIFT to yourself. Take your time, be thankful, treat it well.

3. Keep things simple, creative and relaxed.

.4. Treat each moment as an experiment - never be afraid to fail, change and transform.

5. Be kind. To our earth, the animals, to yourself. 

6. BET ON YOURSELF. You are worthy of all the sweetness life has to offer.

LiveClean Kitchen's Guiding FOOD Principals:

1. Remember, balance can sometime look kale, also eat cake. 

2. Fuel your body with WHOLE PLANT FOODS

3. Always be seeking a variety of local, sustainable produce

4. Try something new every week - ingredient, recipe habit * ALWAYS BE EXPERIMENTING*

5. Don't compare your experience to anyone elses - be your own best advocate and keep a notes of what makes YOU feel YOUR best ...edit accordingly. 

I want to make a distinction - LiveClean Kitchen isn't about eating "clean" in a restrictive sense. I believe our bodies thrive best on *mostly* whole, plant-foods but that isn't to suggest that there is one way to eat "cleanly" and all other ways are "dirty". Above all, I believe in BALANCE - with food, with movement, with everything! I have used "clean living" to describe my quest for a balanced, holistic, truthful life since the beginning. The name came about in an honest conversation where I expressed my desire for my blog to be an extension of that journey. 

I am NOT a nutritionist, health coach or "wellness professional" - I am just on the same journey for truth and wholeness as everyone else. There are plenty of influencers out there with all the answers but I am NOT one of those people, nor do I want to be - I have the same questions you do! I was inspired to create LiveClean Kitchen because, with all of the information out there, its important to be an advocate for ourselves - to experiment, to try things, to be unafraid to change, to research endlessly and to keep questioning. All of the nutritional information I present to you has been throughly researched and all of the anecdotal info is totally my own - take it for what it is, see what feels best in your body and never stop learning! I hope you enjoy!