(Drinking smoothies is also my job.) Photo by: Rachael Lee Stroud

(Drinking smoothies is also my job.) Photo by: Rachael Lee Stroud

 It isn't your job to work at something that brings you no joy, to feel stress, to be perfect, to do things because that's what's expected. It's not your job to say "that's not my job" or to work so hard that you completely burn out.  

Your job is to love yourself and those around you. 

Your job is to fill your body with good food and your mind with good thoughts. 

Your job is to move as much as feels good and breath deeply. 

Your job is to nourish your heart with laughter and to keep good company. 

Your job is to go outside and let nature sink back into your bones. 

Your job is to give without consideration of what you will receive. 

Your job is to create more things fearlessly and without limit. 

Your job is to sleep and take your time- as much as you need. 

Your job is to act in loving kindness and with an with open heart. 

Your job is to treat each day with an explorative wonder and to see each moment as a gift. 

Your job is to recognize yourself in others and to recognize others in you. 

Your job is to know that you are exactly where you need to be. 

Your job is to see yourself as whole, complete and at one with all that you love. 

"Work is love made visible." - Khalil Gibran 




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