LiveClean Kitchen, founded in 2015, has always been about community. The concept came to me while living an inspired but fairly isolated life in Los Angeles (cities can be lonely places) but I knew this idea was always meant to be something more than an online platform - I craved the ability to facilitate change, community and connection. After moving back east earlier this year I have already begun to build momentum - launching events, products and projects on the shoreline but the true manifestation of my vision is to open a California-inspired plant-based cafe and gathering place within the New England community that raised me - a community that very much needs and desires such a space. I ache to share all that I have learned working in the wellness and farm-to-table movements in California with the community I care for most at home. This vision is pure, and true and clear. I poses the unique skill sets, the experience, the dedication, the drive and the willingness to build it BUT I cannot do it without your help!

LiveClean Kitchen is all about community and therefore I want it to be (in-part) funded by the community I love and aim to serve. I plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign later this year but for now I do want to have a space to share my long-held vision and ask, in the most vulnerable way possible, for help in bringing this to life. 

Money is not the only way to support LCK (email me at to chat) but if it is what you have to give, I could not be more grateful. All funds donated will funnel into a separate LiveClean Kitchen bank account, held until a space is designated! Projected Opening Date: Spring 2019.

Donate NOW

Other ways to support LCK:

  • Liking, sharing and commenting on the blog and social channels (Instagram, Facebook)
  • Attending a LCK event 
  • Sending me a message of support here
  • Contacting me to discuss partnerships, collaborations, business guidance and more! 
  • Saying 'hi' on the street! I'd love to connect in person! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, 

Jill, Founder