Where are you located? What are your hours? Etc. 

Can I call in my order?

What are your soup/smoothie/case specials today?

We usually share our specials on our instagram page but if you don't see them there, give us a ring and we will let you know what we have to offer!

Who can I speak to if I have a question?

Our well trained, caring staff can answer your questions when it comes to ingredients, shop policies, hours, retail items and more! If you are looking to dig a bit deeper ask for our founder, Jill, she's available during store hours at 203.675.9514 and via email at For questions about custom cakes - ask for Jill! 

What's the story with your stamp card system?

We love our loyal customers and we want to reward you for your patronage! Ask for a smoothie stamp card today - for each 12 oz. smoothie you buy, you get a stamp - once you reach 12, your next smoothie is on the house! 


I have a food allergy. What can I eat at LCK?

We take food allergies seriously. Let us know what you are working with and we will do our best to recommend the perfect thing or to modify our current menu items. We take great care when prepping and serving food as to make sure everything is safe for our customers with allergens. We use separate smoothie blenders for nuts and nut butters and always indicate if items include gluten, soy, oils, nuts or seeds. 

Why don't you serve eggs, dairy or meat?

LiveClean Kitchen is a fully plant based facility. That means we serve NO animal products at any time. We do this to benefit your health, the health of the planet and out of compassion for all living things. If you are skeptical about our approach, come in anything on our menu a try - we are certain you'll love them and you won't miss a thing!

Where do you source your ingredients?

Why not all organic?

It is our mission to serve high quality, delicious, healthful food while keeping prices fair and accessible for our beloved customers. While organic fruits and vegetables are great, that label is not the holy grail of food health. 

Where do you get your menu inspiration?

The LCK menu is inspired by the magic of plants! We love using what's seasonal, local, fresh and nutrient dense. While living in California, our founder, Jill, discovered a new way of thinking about food.  

What is the story with your biodegradable containers?

All of our food containers, straws and cutlery are 100% compostable. We do this with the environment in mind. We also sell reusable straws, cutlery, mugs and bowls. We are happy to make your drink or food item in your own reusable vessel at a 5% discount.