Plant Based Online Influencers

Part of the reason I find the plant based lifestyle so sustainable is because of the outpouring of love and support that exists within its online communities. The internet has rapidly increased our connectivity and broadened our sense of reality - we are so lucky (and unlucky) it exist in a time of this much collective energy, if it were not for the internet I know I never would have come to this lifestyle on my own. If there is one thing I am sure of, its how little we truly know and I do recognize that there is not a one-size fits all way of eating or living but it is through research and trial and error that now I do think I have a well rounded viewpoint of vegan nutrition, lifestyle and ethics. There are so many amazing wellness influencers out there with a wealth of information, varied lifestyles and diverse opinions to share. I like to take each diverse view with a grain of salt and admiration because each of us contributes to the panorama that makes this community so great. Here are the vegan personalities that have influenced me the most:

High Carb Hannah, Unconventional Living, Life Inside a Box,

Lauren Toyota,

Mango Island Mama

Raw Vegan Not Gross,

Legit Nutrition Hawaii


Pint-sized Vegan

Bonny Rebecca

Stella the Light

Unnatural Vegan

Kriss Carr


Documentaries (Nextflix)


Forks Over Knives

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

The Human Experiment 

Plant Strong Nation 

Gary Yourofsky - The Best Speech you will Ever Hear (YouTube)

Nutrition Resources - the place to go when you are figuring out a new relationship with food. Enter what you eat in a day and Cronometer will tell you how many calories, vitamins and minerals you consume. It also tracks your macronutrient ratio (carbs/proteins/fats), just be sure your Macronutrient Targets are set to "LFRV/, otherwise a vegan diet might appear somewhat unsustainable on the app.

I used Cronometer a lot when I first came to the high carb low fat vegan diet because it helped me understand how much food I was consuming and what that meant from a nutritional perspective. Shifting from a restrictive high protein diet I found it hard to understand how much of what things my body needed and Cronometer helped lay it all out for me in black and white. You are able to see what vitamins and minerals you are getting enough of and what you are lacking. 

I would caution the overuse of Cronometer though, because if you come from a restrictive past you might feel triggered to play the numbers game once again (I know I did). Now I use it maybe once a month if I change something about my diet or occasionally just out of curiosity - interestingly, I keep dropping weight but my calories have climbed a bit- I average around 2000 a day to feel satisfied.