LiveClean Kitchen is now located on the Connecticut shoreline!

For the past four years Jill has immersed herself in the wellness-communities all across California - first working in the yoga industry in Los Angeles and then in the vibrant farm-to-table food scene of the remote northern coast. She received a unique, hands-on education in food service, recipe development, kitchen management and plant-based nutrition as a result of her own health journey and California's progressive food philosophy. Despite her love for the west coast and all it has to offer, Jill was called back east to share her passion with those she loves most and to help build the burgeoning wellness community in the place closest to her heart.


Is your busy schedule what's getting in the way of living your most healthy life? Maybe your workout is on point but your nutrition is lacking. Maybe you want to eat well but hate spending time in the kitchen. Maybe you're curious about plant based eating but have no idea where to start. Whatever the block, I will help you break through by taking the prep-stress off of your hands. First we will have a consultation so can we map out a plan. Then, I provide you with 5 or more plant-based meals customized to your taste and specifications - prepped in home or out. Option to shop and prep together as I educate you about balanced nutrient ratios and flavor profiles or I can do the leg work and simply let you enjoy the finished product.

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pop-up events

Want to make the most out of your next gathering? Let's collaborate to craft a more connected, seasonal experience. We provide the food, drink, prep-work and display - guests' dig in to our signature style of 'build-your-own' bar of breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert. Guests connect, gather and enjoy and then leave with a custom designed package of recipes and a 'to-go' treat!

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in-kitchen classes & workshops

One-on-one or in a group! LCK offers plant-based cooking classes that are fun, accessible and creative. I share hands-on demos, tons of customized tips and tricks plus the LCK food philosophy which focuses on simple, whole food ingredients a.k.a the stuff your body was made to thrive on. Unlike other cooking classes, LCK classes are relaxed and collaborative. You'll leave with our custom recipes, new techniques, a ton of inspiration, a full belly and...a joyful heart.

In an effort to show everyone how accessible plant-based food can be I specialize in crafting classes and workshops around a type of food and offering different options. Class themes may include:

  • How to build the perfect smoothie, every time
  • How to craft plant-based bowls; easy food prep
  • Plant-based baking 101
  • Raw desserts

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Let LCK cater your next event! Whether it's a gathering of 5 or 50 people, LCK will work with you to create the perfect menu of healthful, vibrant, plant-based foods leaving you to focus on your loved-ones. Specializing in baked and raw desserts, LCK will craft a visually stunning, nutritionally dense and truly memorable spread or take-away food-gift for your next event.

I love working with local wellness boutiques, fitness studios and other wellness-focused businesses to craft the perfect bites for their next opening or event.

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Let LCK take your food photos to the next level in our signature style. I provide prep and day of services plus a customized set of props especially for your project. 

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wellness workshops

Looking to gather a group and expand your wellness know-how? LCK offers creative, wellness-based workshops. Drawing on my background in yoga, nutrition, fitness, plant-based cooking and the power of positive thinking I develop thoughtful, inspiring experiences that leaves attendees empowered, enlivened and full of information that they can apply to their everyday lives. Have a topic in mind? - Let's chat!


  • Whole food 'detoxes'
  • The yoga of cooking (slow-food, better digestion, etc.)
  • Cooking to heal the body
  • How to thrive on a plant-based lifestyle

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