palms & souls yoga

Palms & Souls Yoga is a moniker that says it all - yoga is related to both the physical connection you make with the palms of the hands and soles of the feet (among all the other body parts) as well as the unexplainable connection the soul makes with spirit. My style of yoga is all about fine tuning that connection by sinking in, listening to your body and experiencing your own practice. I guide vinyasa based classes that are "low and slow",encouraging you to intuitively explore and refine the shapes made in your body allowing you to make a true connection to your yoga, not only my direction. Yoga is, after all, a moving meditation - and while I emphasize proper, strength building alignment I do not believe that the way you appear in a pose says everything - what's more important is the way you feel. I honor the body as a tool to cultivate awareness and connection and I look forward to moving through a practice with you!



I received my 200 hour certification from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Ayurveda in February of 2014.  I came to yoga a few years prior with the simple goal of increasing my strength and flexibility but what I gained so much more than that from this practice and it deeply transformed my life from the inside out. I had previously lived a life void of body awareness, I never played sports, or connected movement to the way I was feeling ; finding a yoga practice became the missing piece that linked my physical body to my spirit; finally I felt at home in my skin. Over time, I learned to use my body as a vessel for self discovery and expression and this allowed me to harness my true power. The thought that I could facilitate such a monumental shift in others thrilled me and inspired the pursuit of earning my yoga teacher training.  I still cannot imagine a greater joy than witnessing another being beginning to see their own light and in my opinion, yoga is the best facilitator for this shift. 

When asked "What is yoga?", I answer simply, "An exploration." - what you take from your practice is up to you. Be it an exploration of movement, breath, the present moment, release, tension, compassion or simply whatever comes up, I hope to lead an experience that is guided by self-love, deeper body-awareness and discovery.

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Favorite Yoga Quotes

“Yoga is about remembering we are already one with divinity and that we never left it.” — ROLF NAUJOKAT

“Love is the only path, love is the only god, and love is the only scripture. Impress this verse upon your memory and chant it constantly if you want to realize your dreams of growth.” — Swami Kripalu

“Serve with a full heart. By making others happy, you make yourself happy. The key to your heart lies hidden in the heart of another.” — Swami Kripalu